Prison x-ray shows mobile phone was stashed inside body of Stephen Lawrence’s killer

Prison officers reportedly found a mobile phone hidden inside Stephen Lawrence ‘s killer after he sent a selfie from his own jail cell.

David Norris, 46, was put in isolation this week at Dartmoor prison after he reportedly managed to smuggle a mobile phone into his cell and share photographs with his friends.

He is one of two men convicted of the murder of Stephen Lawrence, who was stabbed to death in Eltham, south-east London, on April 22 1993.

Prison officers launched a raid on Norris’s cell this week following the allegations while he was away, reports the MailOnline, but failed to turn up any relevant items.

This was followed by an X-ray which showed a ‘large rectangle object’ lodged inside his body, confirmed later to be a smartphone. One source speaking to the newspaper claimed this was a HTC device.

An investigation is now taking place into the contents of the phone, with officials reportedly seeking to find out who Norris had been in contact with and how he acquired it.

Responding to reports that a device had been found, a Prison Service spokesman told the MailOnline: “A phone has been recovered and we continue to investigate.”

The Daily Mail reported on Tuesday that Norris had been sending pictures of himself in his prison cell to friends on the outside, and using the smartphone to call and text friends, log onto Facebook and watch YouTube videos.

The newspaper said Norris had updated his WhatsApp status to indicate his eventual release from jail, claiming he would be “coming home in 2 to liven you all up”.

The murderer, who had a bid to move into an open prison quashed by then-Justice Secretary Dominic Raab earlier this year, will likely face more time behind bars if found to have concealed a mobile device in prison.

A Prison Service spokesperson said: “We do not tolerate illicit phones in jail and prisoners found with them should expect to face longer behind bars.

“We have invested £125 million in tougher prison security measures – including X-ray body scanners that have intercepted over 20,000 attempts to smuggle contraband behind bars in the past two years.”