Mum’s fury as daughter, 12, ‘banned from school lunch’ for not wearing her tie in class

A furious mum claims her daughter was forced to go without food for an entire school day because she was not wearing her tie.

Rio-Anne, 12, was allegedly refused lunch by canteen staff at South Wigston High School because of her uniform blip.

Her mum Joanne Mcclenaghan, 40, claimed the youngster did not eat after she was told “no tie no dinner”.

The shocking account is not the first to emerge from the secondary school in an ongoing spat over uniforms.

Joanne explained that her daughter was left without a tie earlier in the week after another student grabbed it and threw it in the bin.

She told Leicestershire Live that Rio was waiting for a new tie after the school promised to replace it.

“Food is not a punishment. You cannot use food as a way to discipline children. Regardless of behaviour I just don’t see how they can refuse food,” Joanne said.

“She’d gone a whole week without her tie and reported it being taken and put in the bin.

“It hadn’t affected her to begin with as I had made her packed lunch, but on Fridays she likes to have a school dinner.

“She told me that canteen staff had asked her where here tie was, and she explained the situation.

“But they told her without full uniform she couldn’t have her dinner”.

But Joanne, from South Wigston, said she was shocked and concerned when she heard what had happened at the school last Friday.

She claimed she was unable to get through to staff when she rang the school, so she posted about it online.

“I posted on my Facebook and dozens of parents and even a student came forward,” she said.

“I sent over a complaint [to the school] and received a call from the head of year who apologised profusely about the matter.

“I said I hoped this neglect wouldn’t happen to another child.”

One parent replied to Joanne’s post claiming her son was refused dinner until he put on his tie, according to screenshots.

Another claimed her daughter was told “no blazer, no food” while a third said both daughters were refused access to the canteen for an entire week.

Principal Stuart Kay said the school was aware that a student missed dinner following a conversation with a staff member about incorrect uniform and the matter has been dealt with.

He added that while staff are asked to encourage students to wear the correct uniform, there is no official policy in place to refuse food over missing ties and blazers.

“It is our policy that uniform should be worn correctly throughout the school, including the restaurant. Our policy does not restrict students from receiving lunch, for any reason,” he said.

“We have spoken to all staff to ensure our behaviour and uniform policy are applied consistently. We encourage parents to speak directly to the school if they have any concerns.

“I can confirm that all staff, including dining room staff are instructed to encourage students to wear the correct uniform.

“However, they are not encouraged to refuse dinners. We do not refuse dinners as a result of uniform non-compliance”.